Kester Bailey – Application Processing Coordinator, National Environment Planning Agency

Sometime in 2014/2015 I was afforded the opportunity to pursue a postgraduate diploma at the MIND. That experience has definitely left an indelible mark on my life and I wish to hereby share a few thoughts that have lingered.

First, I wish to emphasize that the programme was so structured to keep the adult learner engaged and allowed for partnership and experience-based learning. Sharing was key and the classes took the true form of facilitation and sharing from trained industry professionals who brought their real life experiences to bear in the elucidation of the curriculum material. It was also noteworthy that the facilitators sought to explain and espouse industry best practices that were current and forward thinking while using varied learning methodologies and material. We all participated and shared which made the experience so much more enriching and fulfilling. 

On the matter of facilitators, I found that there was a healthy mix ranging from low keyed, laid back and humorous to friendly, fervent and feisty. What was certain is that there was a general sense that all the MIND team, particularly the facilitators were keenly interested in ensuring that we were on board with what was being taught and that we had sufficient reference material to foster continued interest. The MIND team made themselves and the facilities available to us even beyond the stipulated contact hours for our programme and this greatly aided in learning and development.  

The overall sojourn was a process of self-discovery when one needed a moment to put ones career into perspective and perhaps to set it on a new path. The MIND experience presented that avenue to allow for visioning, self-discovery and increased self-awareness. The structure of the programme and work load forces you to seek out new innate skills, your ability to work with new persons in groups, your ability to make

presentations and to command an audience, your ability to think critically and to translate the theoretic discourse to practical means that can be immediately transferred to the workplace was to my mind, the most impressive part of my time spent there.

The MIND still has room for growth, however I am certain that as the institution continues to modernize, it’s place as one of, if not the premier postgraduate learning institution in the country, would be strengthened. I fully endorse the choice of MIND as the place to pursue further learning.