Pay As U Learn

The Pay As U Learn Programme is established to facilitate participants with an easy and convenient way of paying tuition fees on a number of MIND courses. The following policy and procedures are designed to ensure the efficient and effective implementation of the Programme.

The “Pay As U Learn Programme” will be available for the following courses:

  • Human Resource Management (Post Graduate Diploma)
  • General Management Programme (Post Graduate Diploma)
  • Associate of Science Degree Accounting
  • Associate of Science Degree Human Resource Management
  • Professional Certificate in Customs Regulation Processes & Brokerage
  • Supplies Management – (All four Modules)
  • Professional Certificate in Industrial Relations
  • Diploma Administrative Management (Evening) – All four levels

Only self-sponsored participants are eligible to participate in the Programme.

Pay-as-U-Learn applicants must hold permanent positions within their organization.

Payment Plan

Payment Plan Options

      1. Full Payment on/before Programme Start Date.
      2. 30% deposit on/ before Programme Start Date and balance in four (4) monthly installments
      3. Payments in twelve (12) monthly installments at the date when each course commence
      4. Payment at the Start of each of the three (3) Semesters
      5. Sponsorship/Scholarship/Loan from

Payment Plan Procedures

Participants will refer requests for “Pay as U Learn” credit to the Director of Finance & Resources /and to Regional Manager MIND Mandeville for training at that centre.

The request will be reviewed to determine whether credit should be granted.

Deposits will be accepted by one of the following methods:

  • Cash
  • Manager’s Cheque
  • Bank Draft
  • Money Order
  • Credit & Debit Card payments

NB. All Participants who make payments at the Bank of Nova Scotia or online, must forward to Accounts the PINK slip and/or confirmation of payment made on line to the Accounts Unit. This is necessary for the upgrading of Individual’s payment records.

Examination cards: Participants (self-sponsored and sponsored) sitting examinations, should present their examination card in order to write their exams. Only participants who are in good financial standing (up to date with payment for tuition and other fees) will receive examination card(s)


The Finance Manager /Accounting Assistant MIND Mandeville, will:

      • Verify the status of participants to ensure that they are in good financial standing;


        • Participant(s) will not be issued examination card(s) if fees are outstanding or payments are not made as per contractual agreement.
        • If a participant has misplaced / lost his or her examination card, it will be replaced at a cost of JA$500.00 per card, following verification of its initial issue.
        • Participants should place the examination cards on the desk along with their identification card before the start of the exam for verification by the invigilator.
        • If a participant fails to produce his/her examination card during an examination he/she will not be allowed to sit the examination, and should be asked by the Invigilator  to see the Accounts Division or the Accounting Assistant MIND Mandeville, where applicable.
        • Examination cards are valid ONLY for the examination stated on the card.
        • Examination cards are the property of the participants, once issued.