The Management Institute for National Development (MIND) is committed to having an equitable and consistent approach to the management and administration of requests for Fee Refund, which is guided by the following provisions:

1.0         Conditions for Refund

               Refund of fees paid shall only be granted under the following conditions:

               1.1    Overpayment of fees;

               1.2    Withdrawal from a Course/Programme before the start date;

               1.3    Where the Agency has cancelled/postponed the Programme/Course and the participant/organisation does not wish to pursue 

                         at the next offering; and

               1.4    In keeping with the terms and conditions agreed in Customised and Consultancy contracts with client organisations.


2.0          Handling of Refunds

               2.1    Requests for Refund shall be made:

                         2.1.1  In writing and addressed to MIND’s Director Finance, Human Resource Management and Administration;

                         2.1.2  By the participant or client organisation, which paid the fees;

                         2.1.3  By the participant’s next of kin in the event the Participant dies;

                         2.1.4  With the following information included:

                                                 i.     Proof of Payment

                                                 ii.    Course/Programme Name and Start Date

                                                 iii.   Contract Reference Number (Applicable only to Customised and Consultancy)

                                                 iv.   Banking details


               2.2         Refund shall be payable:

                              2.2.1  Within ten (10) working days after request has been received by the Agency;

                              2.2.2  After all financial obligations to the Agency have been settled;

                              2.2.3  Via the method agreed by the participant or client organisation.


               2.3         Notifications shall be:

                              2.3.1 Sent to the applicant for Fee Refund, providing:

                                                    i.     Confirmation of the refund made; or

                                                    ii.    Reason for it not being approved.

3.0          Exceptions

MIND reserves the right to make changes to its Refund Policy and is committed to communicating these in a timely manner.