MIND Conference 2024

MIND Scheduled Programmes

MIND’s Scheduled Programmes define a cross-disciplinary range of certificates, diplomas, [...]

MIND Customised Programmes

MIND will provide customised training solutions that respond exclusively to [...]

MIND Consulting

MIND Consulting is the consulting vehicle through which MIND offers [...]

MIND Facilities Rental

MIND’s Hope Campus is on two acres of attractively landscaped [...]

MIND Reach

MIND Reach is the Agency’s newest product line and it [...]

Caribbean Journal of Public Sector Management (CJPSM)

The Caribbean Journal of Public Sector Management highlights, explores, and [...]

The Caribbean MIND

The Caribbean MIND extends MIND’s reach and impact into the [...]

MIND Policy Forum

The Policy Forums enable MIND to fulfil its dual obligations [...]

MIND Public Lecture

Since 1998, the Public Lecture Series has served as a [...]