Janet McConnell – Human and Mission Resource Manager

In 2014 I was given the task of leading the human and mission resources unit of my organization. Our human resource management requirement was not conventional, but a hybrid to meet the peculiarities of the organization and leveraging on traditional human resources functions and best practices, hence, it was a unique challenge.

At the time, I had a master’s degree in leadership and experience in management but did not have all the human resource skill sets for the deliverables.  Therefore, I needed to identify a reputable, accredited human resource management programme of relatively short duration, which could equip me.  I found the Management Institute for National Development and the Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management

The return on investment in this programme was immediate. A critical feature of the programme was the competency-based approach to the delivery of the courses, so, at the end of almost every class, I gained new knowledge and skills which equipped me for my new undertaking. The facilitators were experienced in the industry and fellow participants were eager to share the best-practices from their organizations.

I found the teaching-learning relationship between lecturers and students to have been very supportive. The lecturers were available to provide guidance and consultation beyond the classroom, and where expectations were not met, there were opportunities for dialog and resolution.

At the end of the course of study, I felt that MIND accompanied me. Accompanied me in the development of not only technical skills and competencies but also my personal effectiveness.