Ava-Dawn Roberts – First Time Leaders Development Programme

The FTLD was not my first exposure to leadership training. I must say however, that the experience was a novel one based on the approach adopted in delivery. The focus on self and increasing awareness through the application of reflective exercises allowed me to put things into perspective, as well as identify other gaps I had in my learning and engagement.

Additionally, I participated in the course at a time I was undergoing some difficulty when treating with a particular member of my team. The experience caused me to question my actions but the topics that dealt with coaching and our origins provided me with additional support. I could then categorise what was happening and found it was fear in treating with the relationship that resulted in my response. Today, I am more self-assured and remain firm in my undertakings.

I recommend this course for all current and potential leaders.


– Ava-Dawn Roberts-

Principal Probation Aftercare Officer (Acting)

Department of Correctional Services Jamaica