Course Name:
Strategic & Corporate Planning
Course Location:
Kingston Campus
Course Fee:
$ 47,500.00
Course Hours:
Course Days & Time:
Tues. & Fri (9:00 am - 1:30 pm)
Course Start Date:
January 14, 2025
Course End Date:
February 11, 2025
Course Delivery Mode:
Course Award:
Certificate of Achievement
Course Description:
This course aims to develop the knowledge, skills and professional orientation of Senior Managers, Corporate Planners, Programme Planners and other relevant professionals, who have direct input in the strategic planning and decision-making process for their respective organisations to enable them to respond effectively to the present and emerging global and local challenges in strategic corporate public sector management.
Course Requirements:
Course Feature:
Strategic Management Process; Corporate and Strategic Planning Guide; Vision and Mission Building; Developing Goals, Objectives, Strategies and Performance Indicators; Strategic and Corporate Risk Management; Public Sector Reform and the Corporate & Strategic Planning Process; Government Economic Framework; Corporate and Strategic Planning and Budget Cycles; Environmental Issues; Ethics and Values
Target Group:
Senior Managers; Corporate Planners; Programme managers who work in the area of corporate and strategic planning; Persons interested in/or whose professional interests and responsibilities include management studies