Course Name:
Service Skills for Ancillary Workers
Course Location:
Kingston Campus
Course Fee:
$ 16,000.00
Course Hours:
Course Days & Time:
Tue. & Thur. (1:00 pm – 5:00 pm)
Course Start Date:
September 21, 2021
Course End Date:
September 30, 2021
Course Delivery Mode:
Course Award:
Course Description:
This course is designed to help ancillary staff recognize and understand the importance of their roles and responsibilities within an organization. The course should help the participants to build their self-confidence and knowledge as well as improvement and development of self.
Course Requirements:
Course Feature:
Understanding Self and Human Relations; Effective Communication; Providing Quality Customer Care; Health and Safety Procedures; Environmental Considerations
Target Group:
Ancillary Workers; Facilities Maintenance Workers; Drivers; Bearers; Other Support Workers