Course Name:
Public Speaking and Presentation Skills (January)
Course Location:
MIND Kingston Campus
Course Fee:
$ 50,000.00
Course Hours:
Course Days & Time:
Wed. & Thur. (5:30 pm – 8:30 pm)
Course Start Date:
January 31, 2024
Course End Date:
March 6, 2024
Course Delivery Mode:
Course Award:
Certificate of Achievement
Course Description:
The MIND Public Speaking and Presentation Skills course is designed to enable persons to deliver more dynamic and effective oral presentations that create impact and achieve results utilizing appropriate tools and techniques.
Course Requirements:
Course Feature:
Prepare and deliver well researched audience-appropriate speeches; Display appropriate diction, projection and voice modulation; Eliminate common speech errors; Receive informed critique of speeches delivered; Develop and use presentation props and audio-visuals that maintain the audience’s attention
Target Group:
Professionals in both the private and public sectors and other interested persons desirous of developing and/or strengthening effective Public Speaking skills