Course Name:
Making Effective Public Policy Copy
Course Location:
Kingston Campus
Course Fee:
$ 49,500.00
Course Hours:
36 hours
Course Days & Time:
Tuesdays (9:00 am – 1:30 pm)
Course Start Date:
February 27, 2024
Course End Date:
April 23, 2024
Course Delivery Mode:
Course Award:
MIND Certificate of Achievement
Course Description:
This course is designed to provide an analytical framework for understanding public policy and management in a variety of historical and comparative contexts. It will provide participants with an introduction to the tools and techniques used to identify and select appropriate ways to analyze, make and evaluate public policy, and to organize and deliver public services efficiently and effectively.
Course Requirements:
Course Feature:
Understanding the State; Types of State Organizations ; The State and Public Policy; Policy-Making in the Jamaican Public Sector- The Prime Minister, Cabinet, Ministers, Ministerial Committees & Civil Service: Their Roles and Responsibilities; The Policy Process; The Policy Development Process; Drafting Effective Policies; Problem Definition; Establishing Policy Objectives; Selecting Policy Options; Stakeholders Management and Consultation; Using Data in Policy Design; Policy Skills; Writing the Policy; Writing Policy Papers: The Brief; Strategic Planning and Risk Assessment; Policy Implementation; Policy Instruments and Service Provision; Allocating Resources & Assigning Responsibilities; Policy Networks and Policy Transfer and Public-Private Partnerships; Policy Dilemmas; Policy Performance Management and Monitoring; Policy Performance Evaluation; Monitoring and Evaluation Tools; Policy Meetings; Cabinet Submissions; Writing Reports
Target Group:
This course is designed for middle to senior-level public servants: With direct responsibility for making, implementing and evaluating public policy; who require technical competencies in order to improve their performance; and who needs to have an appreciation of public policy to better function